what iphone is coming out in 2020
What iphone is coming out in 2020
 Welcome soon the new iPhone in 2020: Specs and Rumours!
what iphone is coming out in 2020 – The robust iPhones that come from Apple Inc. never fail to surprise us with all the new features and specs that come with them. This time, it is the most awaited iPhone 11 that every person has been waiting from long. Similarly, every iPhone app creator is geared to create apps for iPhone 11 that is yet to be launched. The company always takes a few steps ahead with every new iPhone that is launched in the market for the Apple users.
As we have already witnessed some really dynamic features that came with Apple’s iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, we are very much hopeful for the iPhone 2019 that is yet to hit the market! So far as we know, there will be the powerful A12 Bionic chip in the iPhone which will make this model an apple of the eye for just everyone who uses it because of the high level of performance they are going to offer to the users. The camera that come with these iPhones now has the smart HDR option that is obviously meant to give much more stunning pictures than ever before. As we have seen that the iPhone XR and 6.5 inch XS Max have already delivered the maximum screen lengths in these iPhones.

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It has put the market in awe that the current sales of iPhone in the market has gone very slow. So, Apple is trying every possible way to deliver something very much useful or say; interesting to the users so that the sales of the iPhones can be boosted again in the market.
We have always listed the rumours that every iOS app creator should know so that he can prepare himself in advance to create apps that will get a big boost in the market. From the day the iPhone 2019 will be launched in the market, the clients will be very much investing into getting the apps built for those phones as the demand on the iPhone app development companies will also shoot in a very short time indeed.

what iphone is coming out in 2020

Chronological order of the latest news about iPhone 11:

The latest news that we have been hearing about iPhone 11 is from March month. After every few weeks, we keep on hearing about the features that will supposedly be seen in the all new iPhone set to launch towards 2019.
●Get ready for a rear triple-lens camera array which hasn’t been seen until now. This difference will help to differentiate between the other phones.
●If you have been looking for a waterproof phone, you can keep on waiting for the new iPhone 11 because we have got news that Apple Inc. is working on waterproof display that works underwater. Well, that sounds so much interesting. Right?
●Another news that has come out in March is from an Apple analyst that was quoted as saying that there will be AR glasses by Apple that will work well only along with the new iPhone model. WEll, this gets us goosebumps going and  we think that this will bring many app opportunities for iOS app development companies as well. But, one will have to wait until 2020 for this.
●What another technological feature that may be seen is the depth-sensing security cameras powered by AI as a result of Apple Inc. buying the patent of a 3D defunct maker gives us a perspective that there will be something sparking in the technology.
Well, these are all the rumours that have hit the mongers in the month of March and we can’t be sure about any of these until the iPhone 11 launches towards the end of this year 2019.
So, what about the release date of iPhone 11 in 2019?
Since most of the prospective buyers are confused about the release date of iPhone 11, there are already countless articles which boast to have concluded about the release date of this iPhone, there are only guesses and there are no final dates for pre-order or order. We can do the guesswork based on the previous dates of the pre-order as well as real launch date of the Apple iPhones. It is mainly in the September month that iPhones are released by the company. For instance: iPhone XS, Max and XR all were released in September 12, 2018. But, surprisingly, the actual dates were shuffled to Sep. 21. BUt, if we talk about XR, it was out in the month of Oct-end. So, the guesswork for the iPhone 2019 comes to Sep- 2019 or to be more precise, it can come out on Sept. 10. The sales can get out in the market in the end of September. That is basically on the similar pattern as the ones in the past.

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What is up on the grabs for Camera features in iPhone 11?

The feature of the phone that is most in discussions is whether the new iPhone 11 will have a triple rear-facing camera array or not?
In iPhone 11 that is going to release towards the end of the year may or may not have this feature. This news has straight come from the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who says that there are chances that iPhone models will have the triple-camera specs in the phone. However, we can’t be determined on this feature at all.

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Three models of iPhone this year…may be coming soon!
Well, you may have heard about the iPhone 11 that may be coming in the year 2019 but you should also know that there might be another models as well. This was claimed in the Wall Street Journal forecast in discussion with Ming-Chi-Kuo that there can be around 3 models that can be launched this year end. So, now the iOS app development company will even have more opportunities to create apps for different iPhones with variety of features that will be different in all the iPhone models in 2019.

what iphone is coming out in 2020

Let’s continue to talk about the models that will be part of the three models that will be launched in the coming months- most probably! It is also highlighted that one of the iPhone models that will be launched will have features and specs almost similar to the iPhone XS Max, this is the reason why it can be called as the successor to the iPhone XS Max. It is mainly because of the triple lens as other two models will have dual lenses.

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What are the predictions by Bloomberg for iPhone 11:

To add to the features that we already mentioned about XS Max successor, there are some hints about the model that the iPhone will have three rear camera array. This report has come out from the source of Bloomberg. So, if you want to know more about the camera in detail- let us tell you that it would be a standard lens, which will be supported by wide-angle as well as zoom option. There is another feature that is quite advanced technology involving laser-aided 3D camera with depth sensing feature. But, there is one bad news too, you won’t be able to get the model with this feature until 2020.

what iphone is coming out in 2020

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What are the reports from Macotakara citing Apple sources?

We can’t stop telling about the sources that are talking about Apple Inc. new versions because everyone around the world is making money by creating stories about the yet to be launched iPhone 11 towards the end of 2019.
Another report we have that claim to be citing Apple Inc. sources say that only the most expensive model of iPhone 11 will have the triple-lens array so that they have the reason to sell it at the maximum price as well as help people differentiate it from the rest of the models of iPhone 11.
Then, again we have a controversial statement about this which says that there will be no difference between the camera structure but the difference lies in the storage, the iPhone with the largest storage will be the most expensive. The lenses will be put into a square element at the back.
Well, there is some bad news too…
Please don’t expect 5G network on the iPhones this year…
While many of us would be expecting that this high-end version of iPhone 11 will have 5G network for sure. But, you have got it wrong as there still will not be any 5G network at any cost because there hasn’t been any promises from Apple Inc. itself until now and there will be no iPhones with 5G network until the end of the year 2019 and even 2020 will be the year where the iPhone fanatics will have to wait for the 5G network in still other models of iPhone.
Thankfully, there are other smartphone makers like Samsung and LG as well as OnePlus who will be out with their 5G phones only this year which will give them a plus point over iPhone. AS there is not a long gap between the time when Apple Inc. will come out with the same, so it isn’t going to be much difference also. Not a big deal!
The top Notch lends the whole new look to iPhone 11:
A thing that most of the people are most excited about is that the top notch design is getting the whole new look and that definitely needs to be highlighted here. But to make a drab to even this feature of the all new iPhone, there are reports that Apple Inc. is abstaining from making new changes that are major in the design of Apple iPhone 11. This is indicative of the fact that the company may not launch iPhones with any major changes in 2017 as well as the number of iPhones will be more than what was launched in 2018. Get ready to witness the boost up sales in the  This shows that the company is launching the same structure as iPhone X in 2017 and doubling the number of new iPhones in 2018.

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Other Sources with predictions for iPhone 11 of 2019:

what iphone is coming out in 2020

The ETNews report in January showed that Apple is considering combining the front camera and the face tag component as much as possible. The report found that this way Apple can pack front-end components and ultimately reduce aperture size.
This seems unlikely, but some people think that Apple may eventually give up the Notch in 2019. These arguments were supported in March 2018 when the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an Apple patent, which showed a Notch in the design of mobile devices. Interestingly, Apple admitted in the patent that sometimes the front-end sensors to be integrated into the iPhone may be “aesthetic.”

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What about the 3D touch of the iPhone?
After the iPhone 6, Apple has used 3D Touch on iPhone to provide more contextual menus for the applications you use on iOS. But Apple analyst Kuo released a report in August that it might end in 2019. At that time, The Verge said that its comment, Kuo, said Apple would give up the 3D Touch on the phone.

End Notes:

There are some hopes that Apple will bring Apple’s pencil support to Apple’s new iPhone in 2019. But hey, it has never happened in the past. Now all eyes are on the iPhone 11 of 2019. Almost every iOS app creator is excited enough to use the new features and tools

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